As a charitable autism resource center, we know that each individual has unique needs and when one person has sensory difficulties it affects the entire family. At Complete The Puzzle, those families can find up-to-date information, quality resources, support, training, and programming for which they have been searching. We provide excellent service for specific sensory challenges that some parents and their children experience. Hence we strongly believe that our services will improve those parents and children will experience less stress and a higher quality of life.

Complete The Puzzle is passionate about helping others, being positive and what is possible. We provide resources and support to parents and children, to educate and assist with providing workshops and community sensory fairs.

We work toward an inclusive society that accepts and respects all individuals young or old on the spectrum. We advocate for each person to reach his or her highest potential. From all the above programs and services, we expect to pursue inclusion and improve the lives of all affected individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder in all areas of life so they embrace opportunities to contribute and be valued members of society.

Near Future Events

  • Stay tuned for upcoming recreational activities for children and youth on the spectrum, ages 5-18 years old. This summer our goal is to provide Soul Bowlers, Basketball Camp, Kickball Camp, T-Ball/Baseball Camp and Soccer. For more information follow us on Facebook at Complete The Puzzle to get updated information on all recreational activities.
  • Educational field trips for the parents and children to bring awareness and resources, fundraisers, workshops and mommy mentorship.
  • Educate parents on how to gain information on free car seats, sensory weighted vests, sensory weighted lap pads, weighted blankets, and how to create sensory play areas.