About Us

The Organization

The organization, Complete The Puzzle is a nonprofit charitable organization based in Virginia, USA and dedicated to working with children and youth who are suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As an Autism Resource Center, our main concept is to advocate, build acceptance, support parents, and work to build a kinder, more inclusive world for the children on the spectrum.

Our Values


We work toward an inclusive society that accepts and respects all individuals young or old on the spectrum and empowers each person to reach his or her highest potential.


At Complete The Puzzle, we are your best source of information and support, where individual/people in need are helped directly. With us, individuals with autism have the opportunity to live with dignity and to reach their full potential.


We are committed to the importance of individual natural learning environment, by helping those whom we serve overcome their obstacles and in advocating for their well-being to independent life.


We work to educate individuals and the public at large about autism and issues within the autism community in order to foster acceptance and appreciation of individuals on the spectrum.


We deem it necessary to protect personal information relating to individuals about or from whom we collect personal information. We uphold the highest standards in protecting the privacy of all information we collect from those whom we serve and treat confidential information as if it were to be treated at all time.


Complete The Puzzle is passionate about helping children and youth on the spectrum, about being positive and about what's possible.

Our Team

Our team is truly unique. Each team member plays a vital role in the success of our overall success.

The founder of “Complete The Puzzle” is Timiko Blackman Winn.

Currently she has a Master’s in Education and work with High School and Middle School students on their Curriculum and Instruction to continue to pursue higher education.

The motivation for creating this kind of organization is because Timiko has a nine-year-old son who has Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Speech Impairment, and Cognitive Disorder. Hence she had to self-educate herself of her son’s developmental disabilities by attending symposiums, fairs, workshops and joining Autism Programs within her community and in the city.


Timiko Blackman Winn

Founder and Executive Director


Bertram Winn

Board Chairman


Eric Pitts

Vice Chairman


Candice Walker



Nadine Lee