Complete The Puzzle Receives a Grant From Sentara Cares for Our Puzzle Art Academy Tailored to Children & Youth With Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
Thank You, Sentara Cares-2

Complete The Puzzle is thrilled and deeply grateful to announce that Sentara Cares has generously awarded our Puzzle Art Academy a grant of $7,500. This incredible support has enabled us to continue brining the transformative power of art to our community, particularly to children and youth with developmental disabilities. 

We designed this program to foster creativity, self-expression, and social connections through various art forms. With this funding, we expanded our offerings, provided more resources, and created an even more inclusive and enriching environment for our participants.

For this to be a successful program we created a supportive and engaging environment where participants can explore their creativity, enhance cognitive and social skills. We fostered their interactions with their environment, their emotions, and their expressive process through the medium of art. This program has provided a unique avenue for self-expression and skill development, empowering these individuals to build confidence and improve their overall well-being.

As we celebrate the differences in people. We encourage our participants and our community organizations to be advocates for themselves and those who cannot advocate for themselves. We encourage being the difference within ourselves, our community and society to continue the onward motions for change, acceptance, and inclusion for everyone. We promote, engage, refer, and partner with our community organizations to serve and uplift the people with differing abilities and all abilities that we service and engage.

Thank you, Sentara Cares, for your commitment to community well-being and support for initiatives like ours make as significant difference. Their contribution will help us reach more individuals, enhance our programs, and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. 

On behalf of everyone involved in the Puzzle Art Academy, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Sentara Cares. Your generosity and belief in our mission inspire us to continue our work with renewed energy and passion.

Thank you, Sentara, for helping us to complete another piece of the puzzle.